The growth secrets of Rabobank, LinkedIn & Spotler







The growth secrets of Rabobank, LinkedIn & Spotler

Growing your business, who wouldn’t want that? But how do you actually do that, grow… Rabobank, Google, LinkedIn, Spotler, Team ITM and Edith Bosch know this like no other. In this article I share their view on growth marketing, what you can learn from this and how you can get started right away.


On April 21, the Growth Marketing Event of Frankwatching took place in the Jaarbeurs. With many interesting sessions on growth. I have collected 5 insights and tips from that day Founder Email Lists for you and put them together. But let’s start at the beginning:

Founder Email Lists

What is growth marketing?

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You have undoubtedly heard the term, but to ensure that our noses are in the same direction, I would like to share the definition of Patrick Klerks, founder of the Online Slimmerik.

Growth marketing is holistic, experiment-driven marketing that leads to growth of your organization.

The only thing I miss in this definition is data. With the data you collect from the experiments you do, you determine what works and what doesn’t. What you will continue with, what you will develop and what you will stop immediately.

How do you apply growth marketing in your own organization?

1. Get rid of campaigns

Maarten Kolkman, Head of Customer Service at Rabobank was the first, but not the last, speaker to say that marketing needs to make a transition from campaigning to orchestrating customer interaction. Each customer determines what the organization communicates. It’s actually really crazy that marketers think that in month x and x a certain theme is in the spotlight, while a very valuable customer might only be interested in that same topic months later. And if you think in terms of campaigns, you are less able to conduct experiments.

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At Rabobank, they work with 17 customer programs with which they manage at the most important moments for the customer and the bank. With such a customer program, in which they bring together different disciplines and activities from A to Z, they can better focus on customer needs and manage customer behavior and customer value.

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