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Help Audiences Find Your Content

But for many marketers, streaming a Facebook Live is at the top of their to-do list. For starters, video consumption isn’t slowing down. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Live videos specifically are attention-grabbing — especially when the audience gets a push notification. Plus, live videos present a unique opportunity to build trust with interactive, two-way conversations. The immeiate, authentic, and interactive experience of a livestream is a no-brainer for some marketers. But it’s important to note that not every tactic is right for every brand.

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Going live can be intimidating. And there are nuances that dissuade many marketers from taking the plunge. Some reasons a brand may choose not to go live: time, talent, content strategy, resources, and more. Debating whether Facebook Live fits into Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List your strategy? Consider these questions: Why are you creating Facebook Live? Do you have resources? Do you have the time? Does your target audience consume Facebook Live? Can you repurpose the live video content elsewhere? You don’t have to use Facebook Live to be successful. But it’s worth xploring, especially now that live streaming is booming. Nee some encouragement to take the plunge.

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Live streams are simple to set up. All you nee to go Live” is a smartphone and some creative ideas. That’s where we come in — here, let’s explore creative Facebook Live ideas, as well as best practices to take your Live strategy to the next USA CFO level. Download Now: The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Live [Free Ebook] Facebook Live Ideas Teach a class. Make an announcement or share breaking news. Raise money for a cause. Host a weekly roundtable. Take them behind the scenes with a tour or process-style workshop. Hang out live in a Facebook Group. Do an AMA with a company expert. Do a consulting session live. Showcase current inventory and sell to a live audience. Host an exclusive product launch or post-launch eucation session. Host a contest. Play a game. Have a little fun. 1. Teach a class.

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