You See Even if You Look at the Edelman Trust Barometer







You See Even if You Look at the Edelman Trust Barometer

There are an estimatd 20 communication agencies in the Netherlands that focus exclusively or to a large extent on socially responsible brands. And although it is now a demonstrably solid business case, the green route for the marketer/agency relationship is not without pitfalls.

KFC and Toyota

“One of the important considerations is, of course, which clients you do and don’t work for,” says Danielle Guirguis. “We have radically said goodbye to customers such as KFC and Toyota, so it is a matter of partly starting over. You should not think that you can change Coca Cola. Many companies are essentially Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists nothing but profit machines. These days, they will increasingly want to tell a positive impact story. You should not risk that for your reputation alone.

Chief and VP of Sales Marketing Email Lists

Many companies are essentially nothing but profit machines.

PR agency Blyde also looks closely at the ‘intrinsic motivation’ of the potential customer. “Not everything has to be right right away, of course, but the objective must be more than just publicity,” says Lorette der Kinderen .

Types of Companies

“Last year we had to say no to potential clients about 20 times because of a mismatch in values ​​and mission. This includes, for example, a large discounter. Yes, you can see if you can embark on. A trajectory with them that will make a difference in the field of social sustainability, for example. We investigate. Among other things, what they could do about training in deprivd neighbourhoods. And that seemd to work out, but if you look at a supply chain for almost every item that is anything but sustainable, you will ultimately not be able to figure it out.”

We have often had to say ‘no’ to potential clients because of a mismatch between values ​​and mission.

“It is also much better for these types of companies if they first get a list of how far they really want to go in the field of corporate social responsibility. And whether that is feasible for them and whether there is intrinsic motivation. Only then do you start thinking about its publicity value. Gone are the days when you could communicate all kinds of things without being immediately judgd on it.”

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