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For our earne channels, we focuse heavily on the organic SEO value of our ungate articles, the promotion from our partners in the report (Litmus and Crayon), and meia placement in marketing publications. Tracking and Analyzing the Results This campaign was quickly successful: We hit 100% of our net new lead goal in 16 days and 150% of the goal in just over one month. As of April 21st, there are 15,800 backlinks to the report. We are ranking for over 350 organic keywords and secure the #1 result for the search term “state of marketing.” The custom homepage is converting at over 30%, and the paid landing page is converting at.

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About of the net new leads for the campaign came from paid social meia. We are hoping to see that percentage decrease as organic traffic continues to gain traction. There were a lot of factors to our success, but we’ve identifie the following Panama Phone Number List as the main ones: Spend time in the strategic planning process. It’s tempting to rush a campaign out the door, but a well thought out strategy goes a long way. Use qualitative, quantitative, and search data to inform the direction you choose. Think about how you can contribute to a conversation that’s already being had in a new way.

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There are a lot of State of Marketing Reports out there. We focuse on providing that same value but took it a step further. Help your creative team by giving them strong creative guidelines. This makes the design more cohesive and powerful in the USA CFO end. Identify at least three channels you can activate for promotion. You should prioritize the ones that will most help you with your goal. Since we were looking to attract a new audience, our paid channels made the most sense to invest in. Double down on the details of your content. If someone is willing to give their information for your content, you better make sure it delivers on value.

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