Footage This Strategy Won Work Batch







Footage This Strategy Won Work Batch

Here are additional steps you should take to narrow down your niche: Confirm the demand for your content – Use tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to double-check the interest in the type of content you will be producing. This is a useful step to generate video ideas during the initial planning phase as well as later on, when the channel is live. Check out your competition – How many brands are currently creating the content you’d like to produce? To get your answer, head to YouTube, put your keywords in the search bar and go through the videos on the results page.

A Breeze Start By Looking At

This will tell you how saturate the market is and the difficulty level to stand out. Brainstorm your approach – Once you know who your Armenia Phone Number List competitors are, what better way to do that than share content of you playing a game? Challenge one of your employees to a Jenga match or game of Taboo. Recording it live is a way of including your audience in on the shenanigans you get up to (and, in effect, the human elements of your brand). 13. Have a little fun. Speaking of humanizing your brand, you don’t have to play a game or run a contest. There are other types of content you can share that shows your fun and playful side: Doing a dance.

Armenia Phone Number List

The Content You Plan On Filming

Highlighting a day in the life (or rather maybe just a few minutes in the life) Recording an experiment Tapping into acting skills to convey a message USA CFO or make a point Lip syncing Just let loose and be authentic. Your audience will love the chance to get to know you. For more inspiration, take a look at The Best Facebook Live Videos We’ve Ever Seen. Best Practices for Facebook Live Once you have your ideas set, there are best practices to keep in mind. Below are some tips for before, during, and after you go live. Before Going Live Before your live stream, encourage your audience to tune-in. Do this by notifying them via social meia posts and Stories.

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