Without sidewalk i go down the street. Lack of accessibility can be a danger.







Without sidewalk i go down the street. Lack of accessibility can be a danger.

Without sidewalk. I go down the street. The mobility rules say that the street is for a car. And the pedestrian’s place is on the sidewalk. At most the pedestrian can cross the street in properly signposted places. But in practice. Things change. And it’s not even for lack of discipline. As many also do. But for lack of alternative. Take a look at the booklet on sidewalks and pedestrian-only roads . Which serves as a guideline for accessibility. But in order to have an excellent result. It is necessary to adapt other issues that this document does not mention. Sidewalks are one of the major problems of urban mobility. Especially for wheelchair users. But they also cause difficulty for people with limited mobility. Such as the elderly. Users of walkers. Canes and even women who wear high-heeled shoes. To have an accessible sidewalk. The orientation is to have a free lane . Without obstacles.

Everyday life would be much more difficult

With a flat floor. If the sidewalk Japan Phone Number List has trees . Posts. Trash cans. Among other obstacles. These must be in another lane. But there are very narrow. Old sidewalks that don’t have space to organize two lanes. And then it happens that the obstacles and the pedestrian crossing are practically in the same place. Causing difficulties and impediments. In this case. The passage of a wheelchair or baby stroller is impossible. So the wheelchair user is forced to look for another alternative. But there are streets where the sidewalks on both sides have the same characteristics. So the only alternative is to look for another path. Possibly longer. Or to venture out walking along the street. I don’t want to pass on guidelines that are prohibited by laws and regulations. So what i’m going to put is how i deal with these difficult situations.

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There is no regulation on the part of city halls

And i take all the blame. If i’m to blame. I remember that in the first months after becoming a wheelchair USA CFO user. I tried to do everything right. Always walking along the sidewalk. But i ended up encountering many obstacles. Sometimes. For lack of any alternative. He was forced to walk down the street. And he realized that. Despite being wrong. It was much easier. Asphalt streets are generally. Like the free lane that the sidewalk should have. Free of obstacles and smooth. Despite the sidewalk being a public space. Each resident or establishment ends up modifying the piece of sidewalk that is in front of the property. Aiming mainly at an aesthetic. Decorative issue. Preparing it so that it looks beautiful to their liking. But tastes vary. And sometimes include grass. Gravel. Ditches.

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