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With The Consequences Of The War In

Tirana Startups had the chance to participate in 2 workshops on Lean Canvas and. Investment as well as a 1:1 mentoring session with Uplift mentors. Kushtrim Shala, manager of Uplift emphasized that, “we are happy to see during this year.  A wide variety of industries in areas such as finance, agriculture, E-Commerce, consulting, and entertainment. The next step is in September 12 and Pristina on September 14. ⠀Uplift Western Balkans is financially supported by. The Ministry of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship and is organized in cooperation with the. Stay” project financed by the Italian government and implemented by UNICEF in Albania. ⠀

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Uplift Western Balkans is Nepal Phone Number List a startup acceleration program organized in. Albania by ICTSlab, in partnership with Venture Up in Kosovo and Ican in North Macedonia. Over 60 startups applied to the Uplift call. After the selection, 12 of them (from Slovenia) entered the acceleration process of the program. Read: The first Albanian drone comes from SKAITECHIn the presented startups, there are technological solutions in the segment of transactions, financial management, delivery management, etc.The program was greeted by Eduard Shalsi, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and former Minister of Entrepreneurship and Migena Muslli, Representative of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship.

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TECHNOLOGY USA CFO Updated on Priscilla SKAITECH ~4 minutes of reading In recent years, we have heard enough about drones and the possibilities to use them in the delivery service, mainly from big companies like Amazon and Alphabet. However, the road to making this possible in all states seems not to have been that fast. With all the buzz about drones, we have to say that few people know when they date back.UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) are aerial devices that are piloted without the need for people to be physically on board.

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