Cut It For This One Practice With Family







Cut It For This One Practice With Family

If you have an app that they’ve downloade onto their phone, they want to know that the app is secure, and no third-party has access to this information. 84% of customers are more loyal to companies with robust security, so it’s worth adapting these processes. Digital Transformation Examples Nike Wepow Target Museo National Thyssen-Bornemisza Given the trends mentione above, it’s clear that digital transformation is something to focus on for 2021 if you haven’t already begun the process for your business. Or, if you have, maybe you’re hoping to address a different business challenge and start a new process entirely. Whatever your desires are, let’s go.

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Over four real-life examples of brands that have gone digital in a notable way. 1. Nike Nike, a sportswear company, has focuse their digital transformation strategy on mobile devices. Rather than neeing to visit a store and consult with an in-person employee, their Ukraine Phone Number List mobile application uses machine learning and AI algorithms to study customer preferences and previous purchases to recommend products they may enjoy. The company also create a scanning tool where customers can scan their feet and the AI uses 13 data points to recommend the best pair of shoes. This automation eliminates the nee to obtain recommendations from an in-store employee, so users can make decisions at home and spend less time in stores because they already know what they want.

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During the pandemic, this tool has become especially useful as customers can get shoe recommendations and make purchases online, ensuring USA CFO the safety of in-house employees and other visitors. 2. Wepow Wepow is a Human Resources tech company. They have enacte a digital transformation to digitize the application and hiring process. Like Nike, the company has use AI and machine learning to analyze data to make it easier for employers and applications to connect digitally through online video interviewing and online applications. During the pandemic, businesses like this have become a beneficial resource as an alternative to in-person interviewing as remote work and safety requirements do not allow for in-house interviewing.

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