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Youth Lab, Regional Network of Women Entrepreneurs, etc. Are our contribution to increasing our human capital and supporting the Western Balkans region to move forward. Also try to keep talent and creators within the region and improve their well-being. In the challenging times in which we find ourselves, we need new. Digital and innovative solutions. There is no better place than among our girls and boys. To find innovative solutions and that’s why I’m happy to be here today.

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Said Artane Rizvanolli Taiwan Phone Number List Minister of Economy of Kosovo and host of the Western Balkans Digital Summit of the year , in her opening remarks. “Balkthon is one of the many things that the EU supports for this beautiful vision for the entire Western Balkans to be a member of the European Union one day”, added Johannes Stenbaek-Madsen , Head of European Union Cooperation in Kosovo*.Read: Balkathon, 3 solidarity ideas that aim to serve the Balkan regionIn the last 2 years, about 250 applicants have “tasted the magic of the Balkans” and competed, challenging the borders.

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Already 9 products USA CFO have been developed and marketed and this number will soon go up to 15. This year we received about 60 applications, with teams coming from all the countries of the Western Balkans. Of the 12 finalists with 37 team members – 18 are girls. Furthermore, the girls showed impressive leadership in this ballathon – out of 12 finalists, 7 team leaders are girls. We have also noticed an increase in their interest in e-commerce and logistics – 30% of team members in e-commerce are girls, in logistics this number goes to 50%.The entire Balkathon final was streamed live on RCC’s You Tube channel and Facebook page. Balkathon is a regional competition funded by the European Union and implemented by the RCC in order to invite all interested young people, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, digital innovation centers.

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