The Focus During The Presentation Will Be On







The Focus During The Presentation Will Be On

After we sent out the survey, we talke about what might differentiate this content from other reports we had release in the past. While the data was valuable, we knew that data can be dull without human context or insights. So, we brought in the humans. Our first criterion for selecting our experts was their subject matter expertise. We had come up with a list of topics we wante the report to cover (from SEO strategy to content marketing strategy and more) and wante our experts to have deep and specific knowlege about the topic we chose them to represent.

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Our second criterion was seniority. We were crafting a report for higher-level marketing managers, directors, and VPs, so we wante our experts to have a similar level of seniority. We are fortunate enough to work with a lot of brilliant Morocco Phone Number List marketers at HubSpot, so eight of our experts were internal. The other two, Cynthia Price (VP of Marketing at Litmus) and Ellie Mirman (CMO at Crayon) were generous enough to offer their time when we aske them to share their expertise with us. We interviewe each of our experts for about an hour, took detaile notes, and recorde the interview. We also share the survey data with them to gather their commentary about the data points.

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Finally we worke with the experts to craft detaile articles with their advice for the upcoming year. We decide to leave these articles ungate on the web experience, so we optimize them for organic search with extensive keyword research. We’ve seen USA CFO some exciting results from that play — generating over 15,000 backlinks in the first two months and taking the number three result for the search term “state of marketing”. state of marketing search engine results page When we receive the initial survey data, we were thrille by the results — but knew we neee to take it one step further. So, we ran an additional survey in January to a North American database of marketers. At this point, with the additional survey data and expert commentary, we source some quotes from experts across the industry.

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