Why Work Remotely Advantages And Disadvantages







Why Work Remotely Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of remote work are two sides of the same coin, not only for the employee but also for the employer. Let’s see what they are for both of us.

Work online: 4 advantages

If we examine, in the wide range of remote jobs, employee work, we can refer to the survey conducted by the INPS Central Studies and Research Department . This survey revealed an overall positive evaluation of the smart working experience during the 2020 pandemic. 80% of workers believe that it is a way of working that can also be carried out in the future.


Working remotely generates greater responsibility and productivity

Greater freedom in managing one’s time and work has led to greater responsibility and Bahrain Phone Numbers consequently to an increase in productivity.

2. Remote work increases free time

The reduction in “dead” times associated with transport has resulted in an increase in free. Time to devote to oneself and one’s family.

3. Cost reduction

The cancellation of journeys has totally eliminated transport. Costs and the related stress (no more crowded buses and subways or traffic on the motorway).

This saving also applies to companies, which are no longer required to offer workplaces, utilities and services. In short, a work solution that satisfies everyone, even the environment.


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Reduction of travel and forced emigration

Travel imposed by companies or forced relocation to other cities, far from their native ones, are totally eliminated by a way of working that can be carried out anywhere.

In general, employees reported feeling more motivated and satisfied.

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Remote work: 4 disadvantages

Of course, not all that glitters is gold. While the advantages of working remotely are different, there is no shortage of gray areas that refer mainly to the psychology of each worker and to the human and social aspects.

1. Working remotely can lead to lower productivity

Not all employees feel more motivated when self-managed. There are those who cannot make it if they are not under pressure, and those who need their manager at every step. This type of people struggle to take responsibility for their work and therefore are less productive in a remote work situation.



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