Wheelchair-adapted bicycle. An accessible and inclusive tour.







Wheelchair-adapted bicycle. An accessible and inclusive tour.

The bicycle is a fantastic toy for children. In addition to working strength. It also helps to control balance and notions of space. In recent years. The bicycle has also become part of the lives of many adults. Going beyond a leisure activity. But serving as a transport proposal. More economical. Healthier. Depending on the case. Faster and non-polluting. Perfect for sustainability. With the popularization of the bicycle. Several cities began to create cycle paths. Which are lanes prepared for the circulation of bicycles. With a specific location. Space and signage. There are also leisure cycle lanes. Which are part of the street. Where one of the lanes is isolated by cones for the passage of bicycles. And this operation usually takes place on sundays and holidays.

For those who do not know how to pedal

When i lived in japan. I remember Russia Phone Number List how the bicycle was used a lot by the population. 6 out of 10 inhabitants own a bicycle and even the president of the company i worked for used to cycle to work. In large cities like tokyo. There are bicycle parking lots that house more than 10.000 units. Even before my injury in 2001. I still had a bike. But after losing movement in my legs. They were professional athletes. But they had to buy the equipment abroad. As there were no brazilian companies that manufactured the equipment.

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The first time i personally rode an adapted

An international USA CFO event that invites people to ride. And that the person wins the bike when they register. I participated in the organization and promotion of this event. Which also offerd handbikes . Which are bicycles p with their hands. And tandem bicycles . Which are two-seater bicycles. One in front of the other. Where blind people can also ride accompand. In são paulo. There is a free cultural bike tour called bike tour sp . With tour routes on avenida paulista. Parque do ibirapuera. Centro de são paulo and vila madalena. On sundays. On avenida paulista. Different bicycles are also provided. Such as the little train. Where several bicycles are connected to each other. The family bicycle. Which can go two people side by side.

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