Well As Across All Types Of Credit







Well As Across All Types Of Credit

Albania a long-term and strategic objective that will contribute to the development and digital transformation of the country. We strongly believe that our presence in Albania will help further develop the. Transformation of the telecommunications industry and technology. Read NASA will hit its spacecraft with an asteroid. The economy is facing the highest levels of inflation in more than 20 years. What impacts can this situation have on the electronic communications market.

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International economic Bahamas Phone Number List and geopolitical situations around the world. Have added a cost pressure on energy technology and resources and our sector is greatly affected by these changes. So far we have managed to keep the cost under control. And not pass any effect on the subscriber, as has happened in other important sectors. The second effect of this crisis is that the world trend for cost reduction. Will lead to a higher use of digitalization, which in itself has a strong effect on reducing the inflation rate. This means that rapid digitization can actually help combat rapidly rising prices.

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In your opinion USA CFO how important is the convergence between mobile and fixed services for competition among electronic communications operators? What benefits will ONE have from owning a fixed network infrastructure, after its merger with ALBtelecom?We believe that connectivity in all ways: mobile, landline or wireless is a fundamental service that improves lives and facilitates businesses. We are convinced that by bringing all the possible advantages in quality and a single point of service where you find it all, without wasting time, we will create benefits that will be liked and embraced by all our subscribers. More than ONE, those who will benefit from the merger of these two services are the subscribers, because they will have more suitable and better quality packages. As a nationwide four-service (4P) provider.

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