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When you establish yourself as a thought leader and gain trust from your audience, they will organically look into your products and services. With that said, it’s going to take more than good content to have a successful blog. “Growth without a goal isn’t going to help your business – if 10,000 people are reading your blog, but none of them fit your persona, that’s not going to do anything for your company,” says HubSpot’s Senior Blog Manager Karla Cook. “Focus on something attainable, like generating new contacts, and make sure every post you’re putting out has that goal in mind.” She adds that one of the biggest mistakes brands make is creating content only for people at the decision-making stage.

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With so many stages between reading a blog and making a purchase, marketers should have posts geare at users in every stage with corresponding offers. Learn more about that through HubSpot’s business blogging course. From an SEO  Perspective, brands Netherlands Phone Number List may also struggle with generating traffic because they’re thinking blog first, link building second. “What I often notice is that marketers see ‘blogging’ and ‘link building’ as two different disciplines. First, they write the blog posts, then they think about how to earn backlinks to them,” says Irina Nica, a senior marketing manager at HubSpot who works on product awareness through outreach initiatives.

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Instead they should include linkable assets into their regular content calendar, alongside other types of articles that are maybe designe for generating organic or social meia traffic.” Despite the many benefits we’ve gone over, blogging isn’t always USA CFO the best strategy for every brand. Why? Well, what if your ideal user persona doesn’t read blogs? What if they prefer emails instead? “Some brands have great email communication and workflows where they provide people with downloadable offers where they don’t have to go somewhere else to get the information, it’s just in their inbox straight away,” says Mpouma. “You don’t necessarily nee a blog as long as you’re offering something in exchange.

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