Variable accessibility difficulties. The new or different are factors that can get in the way.







Variable accessibility difficulties. The new or different are factors that can get in the way.

With the intention of showing that. The difficulty regarding accessibility. Can be in details where you least expect it. Difficulty can arise in places you don’t know. Or aren’t used to. For me. This is quite evident in the transfer to a car seat.. I drive and have my own car. So i’m used to going in from the left side of the front door. Which is the driver’s seat. But if i’m going to get into another car. Like a taxi or even a ride. I’ll feel a certain difficulty. Because the structure is different. In the body. Seats and spaces. So the movement cannot be identical. Even if i am going to get into my own car. But from the passenger side. I will also experience difficulty. As the transfer movement will have to be reversed. Still in my car. On the left side. Where i’m used to. But in the back seat.

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The door space is different. So my Chile Phone Number List performance will also be different. The new. The different. Can cause a difficulty. Even in places and situations that are accessible. In another situation related to my car. Which is demonstrated in the video below. We have another curious situation. This time the transfer is through the place where i’m used to. Through the driver’s door. And the different factor is the parking place . I parked on the street. With the right side of the car leaning against the curb. Streets generally have a concave or concave shape. With lower right and left sides and higher central parts. This helps to throw rainwater to the sides and then enter through the culverts.

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There was not a parking space reserved for

But the sides of this street were lower than usual and hence this curvature became more accentuated. With the car leaning to the USA CFO right. And me trying to get out the left door. With my wheelchair already mounted out of the car. I noticed that the seat ended up being lower than the wheelchair seat. On a flat or gentle slope. They would be at roughly the same height. As if that wasn’t enough. I noticed another obstacle in my own car. A small detail that doesn’t usually bother me. The side edges of the car seat have a small elevation. To better fit your hip and provide more comfort and safety. But in this situation. The size of this edge ended up gaining a greater proportion. I had to make two or three attempts with difficulty. To find the right spot to transfer safely .

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