Valentine’s Day is the second most important date of the year







Valentine’s Day is the second most important date of the year

only behind Christmas, commercially speaking. And it is that not only love is celebrated, but also friendship, family, etc. and it is that 72% of purchases are for couples, but Kazakhstan Phone Number 19% give to their relatives and 2% to their friends. According to Google, in 2019, Spaniards spent an average of 71 euros per person, surpassing countries such as Germany, Sweden or.

Finland Here are some marketing tips to

prepare for this Valentine’s Day 2022, this very special (and profitable!) date of the year: Web / ecommerce Whether you have a physical or online store, or just a website, we recommend that you include some “romantic setting”: If it is a website , include a banner that highlights the celebration of this day. If it is an online store , include a discount code or an associated promotion. Another good option, if you don’t want to apply discounts, is to create a special pack or a featured section in the store. Social networks Correct communication on your social networks , associated with the celebration of Valentine’s Day, is also essential. Holding a raffle or contest can also be an appropriate strategy, yes, try not to forget singles and create something special for them.

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Email marketing Of course, remembering any special date

through an email marketing campaign is a recommended action. Searches associated with Valentine’s Day start a month before, so this may be a good time to start. Regarding timings , reminders a week before, a day before, and even the same day (for laggards) are adequate. If you consider it so, include a discount code in your email campaigns. Other suggestions As we told you before, don’t focus your campaigns on couples, wink at singles or celebrate friendship. It can also be a good day to have a gift with your best clients and give them a gift . If you make shipments, take the opportunity to make special packagings and differentiate yourself from your competitors. And most important of all.

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