Useless affordable ticket office. It’s not enough just to exist. It has to work.







Useless affordable ticket office. It’s not enough just to exist. It has to work.

Useless affordable ticket office. Meeting accessibility requirements is often just a way to avoid fines or lawsuits. As many locations care little about the main goal. Which is to offer a barrier-free experience. It’s not difficult to find accessibility projects that are well suited from an architectural point of view. But don’t work from an operational point of view. This is exactly what i always insist. That accessibility has to be functional. And not just compliance with the rules laid down in laws and regulations. It is very common to find box offices that do not work despite existing. Not always all the box offices are working. Because of a low public demand. And with that some of them are temporarily disabled. Generally. The accessible box office is installed at one of the ends. And when it is decided to leave only a few operating.

Which is precisely where the accessible box

Are deactivated. I called it Guatemala Phone Number List useless accessible box office because it has no practical use. Not because it sucks. Quite the opposite. I’ve also seen places where even though they were all working. Only the accessible ticket office wasn’t. This forces the customer with a disability to go to non-accessible ticket offices that are working. This happens because employees usually guide this action. Saying that turning on the cashier and accessible box office system would take a long time. In another situation. The supposedly accessible box office is not equipped to sell tickets. There is only the architecturally adequate space. So it doesn’t even deserve to be called a box office. The accessible box office must be permanently in operation.

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As if it were a priority

If the venue only has one box office. It must be accessible. And if it has two or more. When choosing to disable USA CFO one of them. Never choose the accessible box office. As mentioned above. If the location’s preference is to leave the downtown box office always open. Then the accessible box office should be in the center. In the photo above. It’s not exactly a box office. But the situation is pretty much the same. They are checkout boxes in a supermarket. Where the accessible preferred cashier is disabled while the others are working. Ergonomically speaking. People with an average height who stand up. Are not bothered by the lower height of the accessible box office.

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