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Information and communication technology services in Albania. Based on the company’s long experience in the IT sector. What challenges does the merger of two large companies, such as. ALBtelecom and ONE, present and what are the main results you expect from this merger. The synergy between ALBtelecom and One will provide the market with the most ideal combination of. The best fixed and mobile networks. This combination of capabilities. Will create a fantastic platform for converged products, where customers can find. Everything they want in one store, be it landline or mobile services.

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Our ultimate goal is Bulgaria Phone Number List to increase the provision of important innovative solutions. And create new services such as rich content, entertainment gaming, microfinance, insurance, program broadcasting, etc. We know that this will only be achieved by building a new united, highly competitive company that will overcome the challenges and demands of the current markets in the field of telecommunications with new products, better meeting the demands of business and consumers. The combined company will have a complete portfolio.

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The merger between USA CFO ONE and ALBtelecom will reduce, among other things, the number of mobile operators in Albania from the current three to two. What impacts do you expect this reduction in the number of operators to have on the mobile services market?In our view, the fact that there will only be two players left in the market is a liability. Our ultimate goal is to serve customers with the highest quality products, a more diverse portfolio and richer offerings for their needs in both the business and consumer segments. We want to bring our IT solutions and telecom services to the countries of the Western Balkans, to become part of an exciting future for technology in the region. This is the reason why we consider investing in.

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