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The company started its journey in July 2019 for the production of robotic parts in Albania. After it was successfully closed as a project from the IDEA trainings. Continue the journey in the Flexible Start up Accelerator, and then Eu-4-Tech, organized by Oficina. Neorent Lumshi, founder of XOEN, tells Businessmag that, “at the same time. We were complementary to the current market in 3D mechanical design services and their simulation. Then the production of various mechanical parts began for the third and slowly. We took the form of service in design, milling and turning, cutting and laser writing.

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When we ask him about Morocco Phone Number List the challenges, Neorenti also talks about. Almost utopian challenges sometimes, “but despite everything, we are trying to do our job. The main challenge in our industry is machine maintenance. The people and companies that maintain the machines are too few for our market and as a result they delay us in repairing them”. Rea Engineers build the robot “Mr. Bah”He emphasizes that, currently, the company is increasing services and capacities for a more dignified production to secure contracts with domestic and foreign countries in the production of high precision accessories.

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Has been one USA CFO of the most challenging years, along with that of the pandemic, as the increase in prices of every product and raw material we need to process our services was drastic and the market has not yet stabilized with prices.” For this reason, he is reserved to talk about future plans, leaving time to tell. XOEN is being supported this year by the Minister of State for Enterprise Protection, in the expansion phase as a startup.Uplift Tirana 2022 opened the curtain on an important day, between the presentation of business ideas and their thinking, on Saturday the startup selection event took place in.

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