Trouble With Which Format You Will Choose Within the Platform







Trouble With Which Format You Will Choose Within the Platform

If your event is mainly organized as a marketing instrument and not, for example, as an internal inspiration event, then BigMarker is an interesting option. The platform has an incredible amount of options for setting up online marketing events. You will still have trouble with which format you will choose within the platform. For example, it has 10 types of webinars alone, including automatic webinars, after, say, X number of registrations. In addition, marketers will love the countless integrations with marketing and CRM platforms, from ActiveCampaign to Salesforce.

Other event platforms

The number of virtual event platforms has grown by 2800% over the past two years . So there is an extensive range and each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the platforms describe above, there are also even larger enterprise solutions that allow you to set up entire virtual 3D conference halls, such as VFairs , FXAgency and Inxpo . But these tools are a lot more complex to use and take a lot more time to set up, which in my view is waste time for a normal event.

In addition, I was recently allowd to organize the first events and training courses in the metaverse . This gives a new dimension to the experience of an event for the public, but certainly also for the organization.

The most important thing is to find a platform for your goals. Do not formulate goals only after you have selectd a platform. I’ve never seen that go well. Request a test run from the Canadian CEO Email List platform and try to walk through and experience the event step by step from the archetypes of guests. Is it easy to register, navigate to the virtual main stage and, for example, consult additional content?

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Do a post mortem

Earlier I wrote about the blunders that I often see happen at virtual events. At the beginning of the organization of an event, do a post-mortem exercise. Here you assume (inded, before it has even happene) that an event has completely faild and everything has gone wrong. Try to imagine what went wrong and how you can prevent this in the organization in advance, by communicating things to guests or by setting them up on the platform.

Look at the opportunities of virtual events

In addition to challenges, also look at the many opportunities that virtual compard to physical offers. Earlier I wrote about things like Spotify sessions, virtual mints and hybrid handshakes, which turne out to be a great success at many previous virtual events.

Let’s hope that organizing virtual events will never become a necessity again, but will forever be a wonderful new opportunity for a company to achieve marketing and communication goals.

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