Tree roots break sidewalks. Inappropriate choices undermine accessibility.







Tree roots break sidewalks. Inappropriate choices undermine accessibility.

Tree roots break sidewalks. Trees are a great decorative resource for urban centers. As well as keeping the air cleaner. Creating shadows and attracting birds to lighten places with their corners . There are thousands of types of trees. With different characteristics. Which vary in the size of their leaves. Crown volume. Height. Trunk diameter. Whether they grow straight or crooked. In short. Countless variations. Care must be taken when choosing trees that will be planted in urban areas. As they will not have all the freedom to grow as they would in a totally natural environment. Tall trees end up hitting the wiring of the poles. And can end up breaking the wires. So it is always necessary to be attentive to pruning.

The growth of the roots is very discreet

As they have a small root that grows Cyprus Phone Number List downwards. But there are those in which the roots are large and even expand at the height of the soil surface. The last mentioned ones cause great problems. Because if they are planted on the sidewalks. Sooner or later they will raise the floor. Breaking it and in many cases. They will create an obstacle. Because the root ends up jumping out. As if it were a speed bump. This is usually a consequence of the failure of the project. Which chose unsuitable trees for planting in urban locations. In the past. This issue was not thought of. So trees were chosen for their beauty. But now. To fix this problem.

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Using cement to alleviate the unevenness caused

It has also become USA CFO complicated. Because the trees are considered public heritage. So no one other than the city hall can make any kind of intervention. In addition. In several cities. Old trees are a listed heritage . So they cannot be removed. Even if it is creating a nuisance. As is. For example. Some of them that advance to the car lane. In streets and avenues of são paulo. . Even causing a traffic hazard. Depending on the location where this type of occurrence takes place. And the level of alteration created on the sidewalk. There may be no alternative but to follow the street. Which can be very dangerous if the flow of cars is very large. The sidewalk shown in the video below was great. Flat and smooth. Even with a tactile floor. And after being altered by the force of the tree’s root.

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