Traffic Cannon or Flop? A Closer Look at the Linkedin Newsletter







Traffic Cannon or Flop? A Closer Look at the Linkedin Newsletter

Sending newsletters from your personal LinkedIn account has been possible for a while. But now this option is also available for business pages. The LinkedIn newsletter is a valuable addition to the platform. A new channel where you can give free rein to your creativity and fill the content according to your own wishes.

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Where we’ve been reading and writing for a while about LinkedIn becoming less businesslike, and the platform starting to look more and more like its social sisters, I think this is a good step in the business direction! A new ability to create content for a specific group of followers. So not just for your Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists entire list of connections (for which a LinkedIn post is intended), but especially for those who actively choose to receive your newsletter.

Canadian CTOs CIOs Email Lists

*Curious about our Frankwatching LinkedIn newsletter? Read it here: Content & Community Talk .

It is not a standard newsletter

A LinkedIn newsletter is not the same as a ‘standard email newsletter’. For example, it is not the case that you create a newsletter every week and send it to the subscribers. On LinkedIn you create 1 newsletter format, in which you share new updates with your subscribers. An example of a LinkedIn newsletter can be found via this link . And here ‘s another great example .

Do you share a new edition of your newsletter? Then it will be placed under the ‘header’ at the top of the list of editions. Such a header with, among other things, a title, short description, subscribe button and share button looks like this:

Your editions appear below each other as separate ‘posts’ under this header. An example of this can be found via this link . Your subscribers will receive a notification of your new edition in their mailbox as well as via LinkedIn and this will also appear on your timeline.

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