Tools & Training Costs Way More 







Tools & Training Costs Way More 

If you hire a social media manager. There’s a good chance they have their own social media management and publishing tool that they’ll use for your account and grant you access to. They create visuals using their own graphic design software, and use keyword research tools of their own to optimize the copy.

If you were doing this yourself, you’d be paying for that software on your own. Those three tools alone can easily put you at $400+ a month.

No matter what specialty you’re hiring an agency for, the tools are expensive. That’s worth considering.

The Pros & Cons of Working with a Marketing Agency

I know that we’re just the tiny bit biased here, but we believe that working with a marketing agency is a better fit for most brands, at least in some capacity. Let’s take a look at why.


As long as you’re going with a reputable agency, each team member working on campaigns is going to be an absolute expert at the work they do.

Our marketing experts don’t wear multiple hats; they’re really really good at the specific task that they’re handling for you. They might have a few tricks in their hat, but we only put people on projects that they’ll knock out of the park every single time.


When you go with an agency that offers multiple individual services, you’re getting a reliable diversification of skills while still getting true expert experience.

We offer multiple services, including PPC ads management, email Sri Lanka Phone Number marketing, landing page creation, and more. Each one is handled by an expert in that specific service.

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Your in-house marketing team may have some experience from working for other brands before, and the limited data you have from your own account. That’s a good start.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients, and we’ve read thousands of case studies. We have an exceptional array of data that helps us understand complex platforms like Google Ads at a high level so that we can get you more results faster and with less guesswork.


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You know you want to improve your Google Ad results but do you know exactly what steps you’re going to take to do that?

We do. Our agency has developed systematic processes to review your existing campaigns, learn about your audience. Brand, and then create new campaigns and potentially optimize existing ones in order to get you results fast.


You aren’t paying for employees, so you don’t need to worry about training costs. That’s our job.

And even better: You’re paying us a flat rate, with no employee taxes or benefits.

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