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Term Cognition To Refer To The Impact

Apple  brand carries a high level of prestige, but that level of recognition inhibits Apple from taking risks and experimenting freely with new products that could fail. Opportunities Now, let’s take a look at opportunities for Apple. It’s easy to recognize opportunities for improvement, once you consider Apple’s weaknesses. Here’s a list of three we came up with: Expand distribution options Create new product lines Technological advancement One of Apple’s biggest weaknesses is its distribution network, which, in the name of exclusivity, remains relatively small. If Apple expande its network and enable third-party businesses to sell its products, it could reach more people globally.

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While alleviating some of the stress currently put on in-house employees. There are also plenty of opportunities for Apple to create new products. Apple could consider creating more affordable products to reach a larger demographic, or  spreading South Africa Phone Number List out into new industries — Apple self-driving cars, perhaps? Finally, Apple could continue advancing its products’ technology. Apple can take existing products and refine them, ensuring each product offers as many unique features as possible. Threats Finally, let’s look at threats to Apple. Believe it or not, they do exist. Here are three of Apple’s biggest threats: Tough competition Lawsuits International issues Apple isn’t the only innovative tech company out there, and it continues.

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To face tough competition from Samsung, Google, and other major forces. Many of Apple’s weaknesses hinder Apple’s ability to compete with the tech corporations that have more freeom to experiment, or that don’t operate in a close ecosystem. A USA CFO second threat to Apple is lawsuits. Apple has face a bunch of lawsuits, particularly between Apple and Samsung, and so far it has only won one case. These lawsuits interfere with Apple’s reputable image, and could steer some customers to purchasing elsewhere. Finally, Apple nees to improve its reach internationally. It isn’t number one in China, and doesn’t have a very positive relationship with the Chinese government. Then, in India, which has one of the largest consumer markets in the world, Apple’s market share is low, and the company has trouble bringing stores to India’s market.

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