To Realize Your Successes You Stand in the Position







To Realize Your Successes You Stand in the Position

The E-mail Benchmark 2021 provides insight into, among other things, the impact of corona on the world of e-mail marketing. But you will also find all the statistics you need to take your email marketing strategy to the next level. How do you stack up against your competitors in the industry? And are you aware of the latest trends and developments?

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Team ITM (formerly e-Village) has collected key statistics, developments and KPIs from the billions of emails and more than 50,000 marketing campaigns sent through CanopyDeploy (formerly Clang) in 2020. We have incorporated these into this document full of insights, which you can use Finance Directors Email Lists immediately. We have analyzed the influence of corona and mapped out what effect this has had on each industry. And we give you tools to develop your own email marketing strategy.

Finance Directors Email Lists

Get a good open rate

We often see marketers asking “What’s a good email open rate?” or “How do my emails’ results compare to others in the industry?”

In this edition of the E-mail Benchmark we look at the social and technical influences on the results. For example, in the B2B sector we see an average open rate of 32.49% and for B2C 34.27%. We can use these results to our advantage to optimize our own campaigns. What are your average ratios and how do they compare to your industry averages? If your email marketing is scoring lower ratios than competitors in your industry, try A/B testing with different variations in content, design, and subject line to really get to know your recipient.

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With a powerful omnichannel strategy you ensure consistent and online and offline contact moments and an engaging customer journey. This boosts your reputation and increases the effectiveness of your channels. Email marketing software monitors your customers’ behavior across all channels to ensure all your messages always reach the right customer at the right time and through the right channel.

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