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To Cover Liquidity Needs The Factors

But, during the summer season, the cost of renting is even on the coast. The capital continues to maintain the trend of highe.  Prices, as a result of the large expansion of this area and high demand. But, in certain seasons, the coastal cities. Which include the southern and northern parts, also have a high trend,” she says. According to the real estate agent, Tirana takes the first place for the highest. Prices as well as for the most expensive areas.

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The center of the France Phone Number List capital remains the most expensive, where recently, in some new constructions, the price is above normal market levels, reaching a value of 5000 euros m 2. Read more: Countries that are paying people to move to rural areas”The most expensive areas of the capital and the highest demand continue to remain areas such as Ish-Blloku, Myslym Shyri, Pazari i Ri as well as new areas in the south-eastern part, which as a result of the construction of new complexes have buildings with very poor conditions housing goods.

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One of the USA CFO factors that affects the increase in the price of apartments during this period is the start of the new school season. Irma Meta says that if some of the institutions will be built in not very popular areas of the capital, then the placement of students can be done there to have a better expansion of the area. After the difficult pandemic year, many thought that “better times would come”. But the start of the war in Ukraine dashed his hopes once again. Although it has not affected geographically the whole world, the consequences of this war and of Covid in the economy will be felt for a long time. The President of the Business Chamber of the Albanian Diaspora Mr.

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