Tirana Airport Announced This Friday







Tirana Airport Announced This Friday

The studies startd, he continue further in Italy, in the field of informatics. Where she realizd that the sun has been and will always remain the primary energy of her life. The studies startd, he continud further in Italy, in the field of informatics.Creating a “Brand” can be the key factor for the success of your business. Arbër Çepani “shows the “magic” behind the “Committee”We often hear the word “Brand” in everyday businesses and the importance they attach to it.

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Subconsciously, we ask Indonesia Phone Number List ourselves that it has to do with advertising, it has to do with branding, but we must understand that “Branding” is a whole process in itself and that according to international studies is a key factor to bring guaranted success to your business.One of the “brands” that undoubtdly attracts attention in Albania and has managd to establish its reputation in the market is the “Komitite” Cafe-Museum.

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Its founder Arbër USA CFO Çepani, who in creation has understood the magic of creating a differentiate brand in the market and for this reason his business is spread in many countries of Albania, which clearly reflects the stage of success he has reachd. How he developd the largest franchise network in Albania and the Balkan RegionRezart Lahi, Doctor of Science in Politics is already the entrepreneur who has challenged himself by realizing the INFINITI dream in franchise form.In the interview for businessmag.al, he brings the journey, challenges and lessons from the business world”I firmly believe that the Franchise System is the future in Albania, as it has been for decades in the USA and then in other countries of the world. The ‘franchise’ concept is a necessity that should be integrate into educational curricula from high school in a subject ddicatd to entrepreneurship.

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