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The survey sought to gauge what teams do well, and what they feel could be improve. It explore which tools and systems they use, and how their processes impact their efficiency and productivity. Download our complete productivity guide here for more tips on improving your productivity at work. The research suggests: People almost unanimously believe that there is room for improvement in the way they manage projects. Most people struggle to have visibility. Of what others on their team are working on, and many. Take a dim view of communication within their business.

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Despite acknowleging its mission-critical importance. An alarmingly high number of people openly admit regularly missing deadlines — and even forgetting tasks they have due. Email overwhelmingly dominates as a communication tool, both between Cyprus Phone Number List teams and with clients — although this isn’t to everyone’s liking. About the Survey Project.co’s State of Project. Management is a comprehensive report designe to assess the way in. Which creative teams manage their. Projects and communication. It asks a range of questions to evaluate how the project management landscape looks. This is the first report, but it will be release annually and, over time, will trace the changes in the industry.

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The findings of this report were gathere by surveying 437 unique respondents, from a range of industries, niches and countries, in December 2020. The Key Findings The Power of Task Clarity It emerge that having a clear list of tasks USA CFO to methodically work through is a key driver of well-being and performance. 95% of people feel. That having a list of tasks to do each day is good for their mental health, and 96% of people feel. That it makes them more efficient and productive. Hubspot-stats1-minOut of those who don’t create a daily to—do list, 90% say they either ‘occasionally’ or ‘regularly’ miss or forget tasks. Hubspot-stats2-minA Problem with Cross Team Visibility An old metaphor for coordination is that the left hand nees to know what the right hand is doing. In business terms, this means it’s important for people to know what others in their team are.

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