Tilting stool for bathroom. Standard option, but not for everyone.







Tilting stool for bathroom. Standard option, but not for everyone.

Tilting stool for bathroom. This is a piece widely us for accessibility in bathrooms . Mainly to serve as a seat under the shower. It is fix to the wall using screws. It can be fold to stay close to the wall to make space when it is not necessary to use it. As not all people prefer to use this equipment. It is made of rigid material. Mostly metal or plastic. It is a good device to meet the needs of accessibility. But it cannot meet everyone’s needs. Depending on the structure of the shower space . It may be difficult for a wheelchair to approach and hence difficult to transfer. It should be borne in mind that most people who need a seat to take a shower have limited mobility. So they may depend on wheelchairs and walkers. The dimension of the shower space can get in the way due to the delimitation of the walls.

Especially for those with greater physical impairment

But also because of the box that Czech Republic Phone Number List ends up also creating a restricted space. Therefore. Many times the box is not even installed. The stool is installed on the wall. But the water coming out of the shower is not directed towards it. So the user would need to lean forward to reach the water. Or bring it with their hands. Which is not practical. Difficult or even impossible due to the characteristics of the disability. Therefore. It is important that the showers are of a model that the water can be directed to where the user wants. And for that there are options for showers with sliding bars or with auxiliary shower heads. In fact. This has already become a requirement through decree 9.296/2018 . The seat surface is sometimes solid.

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The tilting stool does not offer balance and safety

Some have small holes or USA CFO openings to drain the shower water. But none of them makes it easy for the user to wash the glutes. Back of thighs and lower back. Generally. The user has a lot of difficulty getting up to do this type of washing. Like the elderly. Or it may even be impossible for people with spinal cord injuries. Who have no movement in their legs. In addition. This surface is hard. And depending on the person. Sitting in an uncomfortable place. Even for a few minutes. Can cause serious wounds such as pressure ulcers. Better known as bedsores . I want to reinforce that the tilting stool is useful and serves several people. But it does not serve all people.

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