Tightening Of Standards Was Observed In







Tightening Of Standards Was Observed In

Every year, over 100,000 sheets are usd for an election process, only in secondary schools in Albania. With traditional paper voting, there are many steps involvd, from ballots to counting votes by hand. We can avoid all this with online voting through I-VOTE. AL, thereby increasing efficiency, improving accuracy and reucing costs. Also, another advantage is that, through I-vote.al, even students who for various reasons are not present at school on the day of voting can participate in the voting. They can log into the system through an ID code and vote, from wherever they are.

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Voting results appear Bahamas Phone Number List in real time.What do you intend to achieve through this application?This is only version 1.0, my wish is to develop and improve it in many aspects. The successful passing of the piloting phase in the Sami Frasheri high school, where I am already a member, reinforces my ambition, that this project can be applie, not only in all the high schools of Tirana, but also in the whole of Albania. Of course, the extension to mass use also brings greater commitment, and here I find the opportunity to invite my peers, who have a passion for coding, to become contributors to the further development of this platform.

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Do you think this USA CFO application will be accepte by other high schools? Of course yes. Our whole life is already in the process of digitization. Payments, registrations, authentications, everything is going online. In addition, the way this application is built, offering users a unique experience in use, as well as the guarantee for a quick and safe result, makes me confident that it will find use in all secondary schools in Albania. Geart where did your passion for this field start? Everything startd as a game, where through the scratch platform.

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