Structured Communication Via Their Threads Feature







Structured Communication Via Their Threads Feature

You can’t change a room topic once it starts, an off-topic conversation might cause guest churn when people tune in and hear a completely different discussion. So, if you start or moderate a conversation, it’s important to take ownership to ensure it stays on track. To own the conversation, make sure you only make seasone speakers or friends who are good at managing conversations. Additionally, while you should let others speak, don’t let speakers hog the mic. If you do feel like the conversation is going off-course, politely refresh audiences by.

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Reminding them of the room topic and ground rules. 6. Check out your attendee list. If your other moderators or speakers have the Hong Kong Phone Number room under control, give your attendee list a quick skim to see who’s listening. When you do this, look for high-profile listeners or Clubhouse members with a large following. If someone interesting is in the audience, invite them to the stage if you feel they could contribute to the conversation. If they accept your invitation to speak, introduce them to the room. 7. Ask listeners to add their friends. While room moderators can add more people to the discussion, or change privacy from Close to Open at any time, room moderators can also encourage listeners.

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To invite a few friends that would also enjoy the conversation. 8. Remove inactive moderators or speakers. Occasionally, some speakers or moderators will leave the room but the Clubhouse app won’t automatically refresh. When this USA CFO happens, I’ve seen moderators move inactive speakers back down into the audience. This helps control the number of moderators and speakers as well as the conversation. 9. Leave or end the room. If you don’t have any other moderators, you can simply leave a room to end it. However, if you leave a room with other moderators assigne, it will keep going until all the moderators leave — or one of them ends the room. If you nee to end a room with moderators, you will nee to do this manually by tapping the three dots in the top right corner.

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