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Those For Large Businesses Lending

The second supercycle was related to the situation of Europe and Japan after the Second World War; The third supercycle occurred with the energy demand of the 1970s; The last supercycle is the one after the 1990s with the rapid industrialization of China, which reached its peak in the years 2003-2008, where the prices of the above-mentioned products increased by more than 50%.COVID-19 was only the reason for the start of this new “supercycle”. One thing is quite clear and I believe that this will be called the “green tradition”.

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It is enough to listen Germany Phone Number List to the ambitious plans for the protection of nature in the USA, or the “Next Generation” plan of the EU, or China’s efforts to be CO2 neutral, then you understand that the demand for raw materials will increase in other forms to build new energy infrastructures. Some metal industries such as copper, aluminum or cobalt are preparing for a great 10 years.Read: The energy crisis has revived the coal marketWhat are the main factors of this crisis.

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The geopolitical USA CFO and financial situation raises a series of questions, which still do not allow an analytical prediction of results and deadlines. Questions, which in themselves also carry the factors that have created this crisis are: What will happen with the war in Ukraine? Will it expand Will it get more intense? Will it stop? How will US-China relations go? Will they find a language of communication together? What happened to the world financial system? Will it be the increase in the interest rate that will reduce inflation? The world also knows examples. For example, in the 70s, due to the rise of the interest rate, economically weak countries have gone completely bankrupt. I believe that most people remember the financial crisis.

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