This Way You Will Quickly Find Out Which Color







This Way You Will Quickly Find Out Which Color

To make your content more accessible to people with color blindness, try Colblindor ‘s Color Blindness Simulator . Nice to take a screenshot of an expression and run it through the simulator. For example, we found out that people with deuteranomaly (when the green cones work less well) experience our primary house style color turquoise as light pink. Also beautiful!

In one-to-many communications, such as email newsletters, it is easy to lose sight of the individual. But in addition to the large (external) e-mail campaigns, e-mail is also usd en masse for simple means, such as an invitation, congratulations, anniversary, presentation, communication and internal newsletter. Simple but common resources that ne to be formattd. The layout must be consistent and in accordance with the well-known guidelines: house style, brand, design, communication and accessibility.

Little remains of our house style colors turquoise and magenta for someone with Deuteranomaly.

Add alt tags to images

A picture is worth a thousand words, of course, only if you can see this picture. To help people with a visual impairment to understand non-text content, you can provide it Software Managers Email List with so-calle alt tags. Also known as alt text or alternative text. This is a text description of the image that can be read out by speech software.

Software Managers Email List

Search your email marketing tool for this functionality before sending out your next email. You will also find this functionality in Outlook if you right-click on an image and choose ‘Edit Alt Text’.

 Make good templates

With digi-accessible content you will therefore have to think of many aspects. Templates offer a solution to guarantee the readability and recognisability of e-mail newsletters, invitations and announcements. Not only is the house style recorded in these templates, but there are also built-in rules that prevent incorrect use. You make life a lot easier for yourself and your colleagues if you use these templates.

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