Think About Your Profit Margin if You Have a Profit







Think About Your Profit Margin if You Have a Profit

If you have a profit margin that is too low, you will quickly go bankrupt. Go too high, and you could price your box out of the market.

Building your subscription box

A box shows potential customers what they can get if they buy a subscription from you.

Please note, a prototype does not have to contain the exact items you intend to ship. It should just give your viewers an idea of ​​the number of items and types of products to expect. Here’s what you need to think about:


Ideally, you have a striking box. In this way, your customers immediately know what is being delivered. This also helps with your branding. Just think of all the boxes from However, if you’re just starting out, a regular cardboard box will suffice.

When we talk about packaging, we also talk about inner packaging. How do you ensure that your products are transported safely? Don’t assume this will go smoothly. Otherwise you Business Development Directors Email Lists can get a lot of complaints, returns or canceled subscriptions.

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Your products are of course central. Make sure these are in tip-top shape. How customers get the products out of the box is also important. Remember, your box is an experience for your customer. Speaking of examples, you can introduce subscribers to new brands that they may not have tried before. You can network with other brands by helping them reach new audiences, which is great for building long-term relationships with other companies.


Show your box in the best light by taking flattering photos. Look to other subscription boxes in your niche for inspiration.

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Here’s an example of a prototype and finished box put together by STEM Reads Book Club and Cratejoy :

Determine your shipping process

You can handle the shipping yourself or outsource your shipping to a partner. What’s best? That depends on your company’s resources and needs.

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