Therefore Look at Where You Are Now







Therefore Look at Where You Are Now

Formulate your target as progress. It could look like this: if my target is to have twice as many new customers (so that I can increase my positive impact – triple win), my learning goal may be to experiment with new forms of marketing. Make sure you can achieve this realistically. You need time and (learning) money.

Spirit: the forgotten element

Most growth plans are built around a mission, goals, and action plans to achieve those goals. But don’t skip the element of spirit, which is about the human aspect in your business. How do you make that very tangible and down-to-earth? It’s about yourself, the customer perspective, and the brand meaning. You will have to keep feeding your own spirit, more about that in the last 3 points.

You actually want to adjust the customer perspective every year. It helps you stay on track. Because it is tempting to work from the customers you already have, or from yourself as the biggest inspiration. But you are far from the target audience. How do you ensure an update? The qualitative interview is a very VP Security Email List good tool. Make a script with questions about the problems and motivations of your (ideal / future) customer, how possible competitors are doing in their eyes and where their market and business is moving. Make sure you can move with their changing dynamics so you stay relevant.

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Then your brand, perhaps the most important means to realize growth. If you want to build a strong brand, you create meaning on 3 layers.

  • Firstly, the functional layer, with product or service benefits: your (out)performance vs. your competitor.
  • Second, the emotional layer. How do you make your customer feel? From which brand personality and values ​​do you communicate? Do you do this consistently, both internally and externally?
  • Third, the spiritual or meaningful (social) plane. Who will be happy with your brand growth and why? Go work on something important. With brand growth that yields more than money.
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