There Are Also Built in Rules That Prevent Incorrect Use







There Are Also Built in Rules That Prevent Incorrect Use

Give yourself time to prepare a good template and improve it periodically. You’ve probably come a long way. If you get stuck, your agency or software supplier can probably help you with creating a template in which the WCAG ‘s ‘observability’ principle is anchore. For example, you automatically ensure that:

  • there is sufficient contrast,
  • the font size and proportions are correct, and
  • the mail can be read properly by auxiliary software.

Depending on the type of communication, you can realize it yourself without the help of a tool or agency. For a visual expression you will ned InDesign, or a skilld colleague/external. This is not necessary for a message that mainly consists of text. They will remain repetitive and manual actions. This can be time consuming in the long run. In addition, it gives you little control over the expressions of colleagues.

Make sure that your colleagues can use a clear e-mail template that not only guarantees corporate identity, but also the digiaccessibility standards.

Share templates with colleagues

The next step is to make templates available online to your colleagues in a user-friendly format. This way you ensure that accessible content is not only limitd to the communication Training Directors Email Lists team. This is not a static process. Continue to monitor whether the templates are still sufficient and meet the nee. Take a directing role in this instead of micromanagement. Because by letting colleagues use templates, in which the essential accessibility and communication guidelines are guaranted, you are assurd of accessible email content. Organization wide. So you don’t have to keep doing a personal check per statement or reminding your colleagues. Much more fun for your colleagues, but especially for yourself.

See also  Conversely as a Commercial Company, for Example as

Training Directors Managers Email Lists

By placing and sharing the templates on an online platform, you can monitor their use. With the data that the platform generates, you can easily see how much a template has been use. This makes your transition measurable and demonstrable.

Steps to more digital accessibility

From websites in 2018 to apps in 2021: means of communication must become increasingly accessible. It will become a hygiene factor and not just for government agencies. Commercial parties will also have to take their social responsibility for a more accessible virtual world.

Technology will play an important role in this. Software makes it easier to create consistently accessible resources. But sympathizing and empathizing with the other? That is a role that we all have to take as human beings.

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