Their Mailbox as Well as via Linkedin and This Will







Their Mailbox as Well as via Linkedin and This Will

In order to create a newsletter, you must first enable the ‘Creator mode’ on your account. This is only possible if you have more than 150 followers, you are active on the platform and you have already published articles.

Doing this will change a few things about your account:

  • Where at the top of your profile are now the options ‘Connect’ and ‘Message’, you will now see ‘Follow’. The focus then shifts to having followers instead of making connections. You are then really seen by LinkedIn as a ‘creator’.
  • You get access to creator tools and analytics.
  • The articles or content that you have on your profile under ‘featured’ will move to the top of your profile page.
  • You can show your followers what you publish about by adding (maximum 5) topics to your profile.

After turning on the Creator mode, you will have CMO Email Lists access to both the LinkedIn newsletter and LinkedIn Live.

CMO Email Lists

Do you want to create a newsletter? Then you do that via ‘Write article’, and then you can choose ‘Create a newsletter’ at the top of the page.

You will then see the following screen, in which you can go through the first steps:


As you can read above, you are also immediately subscribed to your own newsletter. Useful! Also watch this video tutorial on how to create the LinkedIn newsletter.

How to create a LinkedIn newsletter from a company page

To send a LinkedIn newsletter from a company page, you must first be an administrator of this page. The steps after that are similar to the steps above:

  1. You click on ‘write article’.
  2. You click on ‘Create a newsletter’.
  3. And then the screenshot above appears.
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A number of disadvantages of the LinkedIn newsletter at a glance:

  • A big disadvantage of this function is that you can only create 1 newsletter. As a result, you cannot, for example, create different newsletters based on themes.
  • You can’t see who opened the newsletter, nor who clicked on a link (just how many times). If you do want to see this, you can of course work with UTM codes.
  • When you create your first newsletter, you must already determine how often your newsletter will appear. Daily, weekly, monthly… Although I have also read that this is more of a guideline (for yourself and/or for your followers) instead of a hard requirement.
  • If LinkedIn decides to stop this feature, you will of course lose your subscribers. And where they now state that it ‘might’ become possible to export subscriber data, I’m guessing it will never happen.

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