The Indispensable Call-to-action in E-mail: This is How You Entice the Reader to Click







The Indispensable Call-to-action in E-mail: This is How You Entice the Reader to Click

When you send a marketing email, you want your lead, prospect, or customer to do something and exhibit certain desired behaviors. Unless your sole purpose is to read the content, they’ll have to click in your email or on your landing page to do so. With a call-to-action (CTA) you try to entice your reader to make that click. How do you ensure that you do this as effectively as possible? That’s what this article is about.


There are different forms of CTAs: buttons, text links or other elements that are clickable, such as images. The link usually leads the recipient to a landing page on your website. Think of a VP Communications Officer Email Lists product page, form or blog article. It’s up to you to entice the reader to click on your call-to-action. For that you have to make certain choices about the different elements of your call-to-action.

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The B=mat model

The B=mat model of BJ Fogg provides insight into how you can influence the desired behavior and which factors play a role.


  • The B stands for Behavior . You want to influence your recipient’s behavior so that he/she clicks on the CTA.
  • The M stands for motivation . If someone is really motivated, the trigger and the ease with which the desired behavior can be stimulated are less important. Someone will want to make a purchase or read an article if that is very important to that person. Often someone can use a nudge. Such as a clear description of the benefits, good reviews or reputation. There are several tactics to increase motivation.
  • The A is for Ability . You want to make it as easy as possible to click on the CTA. The principle ‘less is more’ is important here. There should be as few distractions as possible to do something else. Everything is focused on the conversion.
  • The T is from Trigger . This has everything to do with the design, position, clarity and temptation in the text of your CTA. Is it clearly visible, are you using the right colors, are you directing your receiver’s eye to the right viewing direction? The trigger should give you confidence that you are making the right choice.
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A regularly used tactic to improve conversion is to place a text link under the button with another CTA. Visitors can then choose from 2 options, as you can see below

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