The Solution For This Is To Create The 







The Solution For This Is To Create The 

Considering that it does not have this minimum step. Or else. Make a posterior finishing. After the floor with the ramp is already assembled. Adding another small extension of wood to eliminate the unevenness and really manage to offer a safe and comfortable ramp. The video below illustrates this situation well. Another solution is to assemble the stand without raising the floor. Because in many cases. It has no practical use. It only serves as a decorative factor. But if you think about it. If there is no use in the floor. It takes more work to assemble and spends more money. So removing it would bring benefits for those who assemble and also for visitors.Even because. It is not the floor that will exactly make your space more beautiful. This raised floor is also not good for people without disabilities. As i have often seen people who walk. Trip over it and get hurt. Exhibitors usually put only one access ramp .

And this ends up being exhausting

As we always have to look for where USA Phone Number List the entrance is. It may seem silly. But think that fairs are big. With several exhibitors. So this search process ends up repeating itself several times. When i talk about poorly made ramps in the stands. The exhibitor always blames the company that set up the space.They Are Partly Right But Not Entirely They can specify the order. Emphasizing this issue of the ramp. Which is wheelchair accessible. But the assembly companies should already consider the ramp. And without the mentioned micro-step. In all projects. That should be the standard. To suit all people. If you are an exhibitor. Show this article to the assembly company. Accessibility at the exhibition stand goes beyond the ramp.

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Know the priorities and symbols that represent

So if you want something more professional. Hire my consultancy . I also teach the mba in luxury events and USA CFO ceremonies management at roberto miranda. If you want to learn more about accessibility and inclusion. At events and more. Check out my online courses. each type of person.Know the priorities. Priority is a right of the brazilian citizen according to the legislation. But it is also practiced in other countries. I consider this to be one of the rights that has been most absorbed by people’s morals. Because in most cases. They spontaneously respect it. I don’t remember any time when someone complained. When i went to take advantage of that right. And go ahead in the care of other people. On the contrary. Even when i enter a regular queue. There are people who give me priority ticket. But this right doesn’t fully work. And in some cases it gets confusing.

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