The Six Countries Of The Western







The Six Countries Of The Western

Trust shown to it by the players of the furniture raw materials market. Wood processors and furniture manufacturers.The article was previously published on page 47 of issue 27 of Business Magazine Albania . Business Magazine Albania is the first digital magazine with original content in Albanian oriented towards the business field. You Can Browse Here no. 27 of her . SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS Updated on 9 admin Arben Tufina ~11 minutes of reading If he were not an artist. Arben Tufina might not even be an entrepreneur.

Regional Market Of The Western Balkans

In fact, the source of his Malaysia Phone Number List entrepreneurship arises from being a painter and watchmaker by profession, as a profession inherited for centuries in his TUFINA family, as he says. But, during a description of the launch, transformation and development of the enterprise, its challenging spirit, ambition and foresight appear to be the mainstay of the activity.Being ranked among the first entrepreneurs in the country with the advent of democracy, Tufina explored, experimented in many areas of business such as electronics, food and the clothing and footwear industry.Malaysia Phone Number List

Way For The Creation Of A Common

But in the end USA CFO he proved that cosmetics and perfumery were his ideal choice. , which had been missing and were taboo for the population for 45 years of the totalitarian system. Beauty products require a lot of correctness, quality and art, according to him.”Before the 90s, even though it was forbidden, I worked as a watchmaker and sold paintings, thus compensating for the low salary that was then. The liberalization of the market began in 1989. The decline of the power of the communist government began,” he says. Politically persecuted, Tufina needed a lot of effort to move forward. But it made him stronger. He was much more correct in his work, because he was under the regime’s watch.

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