The Same Moment Suddenly Turned







The Same Moment Suddenly Turned

We saw this beautifully reflected in an advertisement that we tested both before and after the lockdown. Before the corona pandemic, shaking the hand led to an approving response from the brain. But during a second measurement during the lockdown, the same moment suddenly turned out to be the low point of the commercial.

Show the ideal situation that is achievable in the short term

What can you still show as an advertiser? We see the greatest chance of success for a positive response in cozy social scenes that are actually possible in the short term (or if people secretly do it in private anyway). Think of a drink with friends, a dinner with family or a team sport.

In other words: the ideal advertisement shows the world as VP Maintenance Email Lists we would prefer to see it now, without burning our fingers on things that are far removed from daily reality. And yes, that includes physical shopping. That hobby is anything but dead.

 VP of Maintenance Email Lists


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For example, the focus of customers appears to be more focused on exploring and exploring new products, whereas previously they mainly fulfilled that need under the roof of a physical retailer. The success of new technologies such as the online fitting room – in which you can see an outfit depicted on your own body in an unprecedentedly realistic way on the basis of a photo – also increased. Finally, the search for the lowest price also appeared to have increased, the emotional side of the prize medal that we know as bargain hunting .
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