The power of digital in accessibility and inclusion. Learn more resource.







The power of digital in accessibility and inclusion. Learn more resource.

The power of digital in accessibility and inclusion. Digital resources have a great impact on society. For all people. For people with disabilities. This also proves to be quite significant. Offering several facilities for us to have a more accessible and inclusive society. Deaf people have difficulty communicating. Due to the lack of people with knowledge of the brazilian sign language. This is a critical problem. In essential areas of our lives. Such as health and education. Then the libras center. Which is a digital resource. Where a libras interpreter translates the conversation through a video call. With the camera and display of the device. Which can be a computer or cell phone. Facing the deaf. When he gestures. The interpreter sees and translates in voice to the other person who is attending.

The interpreter listens and translates into sign

This greatly facilitates the issue of Sweden Phone Number List calls where a dialogue is necessary. The museum is a place where works of art are exhibited. Where everything is very visual. Since you cannot touch the works. And only appreciate them visually. So this creates a great difficulty for visually impaired people. Some museums offered materials in braille. But only for a few works. Another resource to provide accessibility is audio description . And as it was difficult to have employees trained for face-to-face service. The best option was audio guides. Where visitors can select the work they want to see and listen to. It increased practicality. And decreased the cost and labor for production. Incidentally. There are also video guides.

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Which explain the work through sign language

Online stores have made life easier for everyone. Especially people with disabilities. First in the ease of finding products. Since before it was necessary to personally visit each physical store. And many who live in better cities USA CFO were forced to travel long distances in order to shop. Now with online stores. You can research. Buy and receive your product at home. A great benefit for the buyer and also for the seller. If the structure of the online store is well-crafted. With product descriptions. It also makes it easier for blind people. And speaking of blind people. A change i’ve been talking about for a long time is the change of restaurant menus to a digital version. The pandemic ended up forcing the market to make this change quickly. As it was not possible for people to keep touching the physical menus.

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