The person with disabilities as a consumer. Respecting rights to win customers.







The person with disabilities as a consumer. Respecting rights to win customers.

The person with disabilities as a consumer. The disabled person. Unfortunately. Still carries the image of an incapable and dependent person. But this is not true. What is lacking are conditions. Not capacity. And because of the lack of conditions. The consequence is often dependence. For example. A school that does not have students with disabilities. In most cases. The fault is the lack of accessibility. Because if it does not have an accessible bathroom. It is impossible for a student in a wheelchair to spend several hours in the place. There are thousands of wheelchair users in the country. But schools do not offer accessibility in the same proportion. In the case of the school. The person can be an indirect consumer. Because usually when children and adolescents.

It is normal for the student to be supported

Even so. The consumer is the student Bahrain Phone Numbers List with a disability. The focus is on him. Even if he is sponsored. And even so. The sponsor’s decision will take accessibility into account. This is useful for several other scenarios such as visiting an amusement park . Buying toys in stores. Or any type of product or service where the child or teenager is the focus. When the consumer with a disability has full decision-making power and full purchasing conditions. Then it is necessary for the commerce to offer full purchasing conditions with autonomy. A good example to illustrate the situation is shopping in supermarkets . People with physical disabilities find it difficult to visualize and reach the products.

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Which end up being in the middle

As many are on top of shelves. Or on large tables and display benches. And on refrigerated furniture where approach is difficult. This could be improved with a good distribution of the products. But there is competition USA CFO from the commerce. Where companies pay to have their products displayed in specific places. Mainly at eye level of a person standing. So going down the products that are at the top of the shelf will take away part of that special space. And then the supermarket and the manufacturer end up having less revenue. Which for them is practically out of the question. That’s where our dependence comes in. In being forced to ask for help to get these products out of reach. In the desire to display as many products as possible. Many places organize their space with narrow aisles.

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