The people outside give me the priority to get in







The people outside give me the priority to get in

Therefore, Priority is described for queues. But there are some situations where it should also apply. When i’m waiting for an elevator. . But those who are already inside don’t come out to give me space. This happens most of the time. And there are places where the only way for a wheelchair user to transit is through the elevator. So in this case priority should also exist. The law that regulates the priority of service is law no. 10.048 of november 8. 2000 . It states that people with disabilities. The elderly ag 60 (sixty) years or older. Pregnant women. Lactating women. People with infants and the obese will have priority care . Under the terms of this law. As the elderly of today are much more conserv. Strong and healthy than they were in the past when this criterion was creat.

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Therefore, These persons will also be entitl together with the UAE Phone Number List of preference. A right includ by law n° 14.364 of june 1. 2022. For each type of priority audience. A pictographic symbol was creat to identify it. Persons with physical disabilities are represented by a person in a wheelchair. A woman with a big belly represents pregnant women. While people with a baby have a figure with this exact image. The obese are hardly represented. But i’ve seen a symbol of a larger person. With round shapes. In some cities. The person with asd (autism spectrum disorder) was also includ in the priority list. Represent by a color puzzle saying. The symbol of seniority. Many place a person in a hunch position. Leaning on a cane. But this drawing is controversial.

See also  Cane and visual impairment. Understand this important relationship.

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Therefore, Because in the totem of the priority queue of azul linhas aéreas. In addition to the symbol for an elderly person. There is another with an elderly person next to the writing “80+”. I don’t see the need for this. After all. The elderly over 80 are already represented by the conventional elderly symbol. And in practice. It is not USA CFO to identify who is over 80 years old. So this right must be requested by the person himself. I see in supermarkets. Ticket offices and other priority queue places. People without this right who enter the queue. As it is usually shorter. It is up to the attendant to organize the operation. And not allow this type of lack of ethics to happen. If there is no one in the queue. Therefore, It is acceptable for the person to go to her. Therefore,But taking advantage of this situation is an example of the lack of attitudinal accessibility.


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