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Latest book “The Great Turn”. Fly with us, between visions considered unthinkable before, as we talk about innovations and innovations that come through investments from the world’s biggest millionaires to extend life and dominate space. Meanwhile, we return to our beloved land again, when we explore together the stories of Albanian brands , which are positioning themselves in our minds and in our lifestyle through the conversation with Arbër Çepani. He tells us how he is expanding his activity and how he is staying loyal to the strengthening of.

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Albanian product Saudi Arabia Phone Number List such as brandy. There is no shortage of events calendar, more active than ever filled with meetings, conferences, acceleration programs for businesses and new networking developments, promoted and managed by the actors of the entrepreneurial community themselves. Beautiful things are happening and we hope the results bear the right fruits! To close, I would ask you to take a picture of this magazine you are holding in your hands and post it on LinkedIn with the hashtag BM27, tagging Business Magazine Albania.

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The posts that will USA CFO receive the most likes will receive the book “Bitcoin Standard”, the first publication in Albanian on this new monetary system that is being offered to the world. Business Mag #26 – Korrik 2021 500.00L Sasi Business Mag Nr. 26 – Korrik 2021 1 Order nowFertilizer Description You can cool off the hot days of this summer with the articles of Businessmag magazine 26. A rich number of articles about entrepreneurship in various fields, but also interesting profiles of entrepreneurs. From the cover, you notice two boys who are carrying forward the business frozen by their parents. A model for many other enterprises to follow. New ideas, new initiatives in business today are more important than ever to enable success.

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