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Working on  avoiding re—work, duplication, and facilitating the input of creative solutions and diverse perspectives from across teams. This is validate by the fact that 94% of people feel that having a good view of what their teammates are working on improves productivity and efficiency in a business. However, this is where it gets interesting: less than half (42%) of people say they find it easy to understand what other members of their team are working on at any given time. Hubspot-stats3-minNeeless to say, this is a particularly big misse opportunity in view of the current situation, where greater cross—team understanding and collaboration can clearly help foster a great.

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Sense of employee engagement and mitigate many of the challenges that arise from remote working. Communication with Clients When it comes to communicating with clients, email rules the roost. 67% of people say they mainly communicate Dominican Republic Phone Number List with clients using email, which overshadows phone calls (8%) project management software (9%), online meetings (8%) and face-to-face meetings (5%). Hubspot-stats4-minBut that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Less than half of people say email is their preferre way to deal with businesses as customers, with 25% saying they prefer to use project management software. Hubspot-stats5-minEmail is less.

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Than ideal because of its siloe, disconnecte nature — this often leads to lost/misplace assets, inconsistent sharing of information, and a frustrating experience for the client. Room for Improvement What’s clear throughout the data is the extent to which people USA CFO feel things could, and should, be better. 92% of people say they believe collaboration with their teammates could be improve. Hubspot-stats6-minAnd this filters down to day—to—day deliverables:be sure to include consistent calls-to-action to visit the event website (preferably, it would take visitors straight to a landing page where they can sign up). On your event website, be sure to clarify your value proposition. For example, including a list of your speakers makes it clear that you’re committe to offering valuable content.

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