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Google Chat Available On: Android, Computer, iPhone  iPad Price: Free to Gmail Users Google Chat is a Slack alternative built into Gmail, and you can chat with anyone who also has a Gmail account, whether that account is paid or free. You’ll also be able to use Google Meet with Google Chat in order to conduct audio and video calls. These tools are replacing Google Hangouts. Which had similar functionality. showing the difference between google hangouts and google chat Image Source 2. Chanty Available On: Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad Price: Free for up to 10 members, $3 per user per month for additional features and unlimite.

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Members Chanty is a simple team chat tool for small and meium-size teams that doesn’t limit its searchable message history. Similar to Slack, you can communicate in public and private channels and through one-to-one conversations. Chanty India Phone Number also organizes all your files, links, tasks, and conversations into folders in a feature calle Teambook. In general, Chanty’s built-in task manager and intuitive interface makes the chat tool a solid Slack alternative for the less tech savvy. But that being said, if you’re a techie, you can connect Chanty with a ton of apps through Zapier, making the team chat platform more robust. Chanty as a slack alternative Image Source.

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Microsoft Teams Available On iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web Price: Free for up to 100 video participants and 500K chat users, premium plans available starting at $5.00 per user per month. Microsoft Teams is a business chat tool mostly targete towards enterprise companies. But if you happen to subscribe to one of the Microsoft Office 365 plans, you’ll already have access to Microsoft Teams. If you don’t have one these USA CFO plans, though, you can start with the freemium version of the tool. It includes all the essential team chat features like instant chats, audio video calls, and integrations. It also offers integrations across all Office 365 products and more than 250 apps and services. It’s also important to note that Microsoft Teams is not the easiest app to deploy, so make sure your team admin is tech-savvy.

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