That Led To The Tightening Of Lending







That Led To The Tightening Of Lending

It’s not taboo, but it’s a profession you have to love a lot to do it. I don’t believe it is taught, but it is innate. It combines the love of driving with the didactic ability to teach others what you know yourself. When you’re on the road and not in the bank, you need a lot of courage. I got my license 17 years ago, when I reached the legal age. But I learned to drive a car when I was 5 years old with a pillow because my legs couldn’t reach it.

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What is your weather Estonia Phone Number List in life?I have always aimed to help women. I don’t want there to be inequality between men and women. I have a slogan that is “Women at the wheel”. The patent is right for everyone according to a medical report. More women or men who give to the car?If we were talking a few years ago, I would say men. But apparently this result has now been reversed. There are as many women as men who give to the car. I alone have patented a very large number of women.

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Who is more USA CFO skilled at driving a car?Men are the ones who have a direct instinct, while women are very careful. They may indeed have insecurities but they learn everything with the inner thought of being correct. What do you think about the stereotype that girls are bad drivers?I am very feminist and I fight this everyday, share and love the work I do because I think we are capable of doing everything better and even more successfully. As for driving, we are very careful, as the surveys also show that the percentage of accidents committed by women is much lower.Women at the wheel do not make any mistakes because.

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