Testing With Different Variations in Content Design







Testing With Different Variations in Content Design

With a powerful omnichannel strategy you ensure consistent and online and offline contact moments and an engaging customer journey. This boosts your reputation and increases the effectiveness of your channels. Email marketing software monitors your customers’ behavior across all channels to ensure all your messages always reach the right customer at the right time and through the right channel.

While 81% of marketers say that email is still the most important channel, we also see the importance of other ownd channels increasing. Mobile marketing, SMS and social media are becoming even more important according to marketers, but are they being usd enough? We see that only 11% of marketers have integratd SMS and mobile marketing into their strategy. So there is certainly still a lot to gain.

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To build long-lasting customer relationships, it is extremely important to tell a consistent story at every touchpoint. A 360 degree customer profile not only boosts your customer satisfaction, but also your reputation and ROI.

Discover the influence of corona

Corona has playe a major role, every industry has Accounting Directors Email Lists noticed the impact in its own way. How has it affectd the way you do your marketing? What effect has corona had on bounce rates, accepte rates and budgets?

Accounting Directors Email Lists

Now that the world is opening up again, we can look back. In the Email Benchmark, we dive deeper into the stats to find out why the travel industry saw an increase in open rates. Over 2019. But we know it’s also been a rough year. The cultural entertainment industry saw bounce rates rise in the first months of 2020, which is relatd to the enormous financial impact that corona has had on this industry.

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Rates Rise

As a result of the corona crisis, almost half of the companies have emaild more , especially the healthcare & welfare and media & entertainment sectors. A somewhat surprising effect is the increase in engagement in mailings from the travel and hospitality industries. People were concernd about bookings made and changes to them and want to keep a close eye on rapid changes in the hospitality industry. As a country, we seem to be involve in the industries hardest hit by the pandemic. Overall, we see that the email marketing channel has become even more relevant in the past year and the inbox is getting busier and busier. Relevant content, sent at the right time and via the right channel is therefore becoming increasingly important. The quality of your database is key here.

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