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You Figuring Out Why Technology Has

This will help you fill in gaps that your competitors are missing and perhaps improve on blog topics they’re discussing. This also lets you know what’s going on in your industry. What’s the latest news and should you be writing about it? “Some of our highest performing blog topics have come from competitive research, or looking at newly publishe data or studies from creible magazines, websites, or publications we love to follow,” says Bump. “While we don’t try to repeat exactly what competitors or other publications are doing, we do ask ourselves, ‘How can we cover this trend better.

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Give stronger insights on it, or otherwise put our own spin on it.'” Additionally, you can browse social meia for this reason as well. Social meia can let you know the pain points of your audience and check-in with what’s going on with your target Hungary Phone Number List audience. Staying up on industry news is one of the best ways to brainstorm blog ideas. Forsey adds, “When new features become available for a social meia platform or tool, there’s often plenty of opportunities to explore new angles there, as well — recently, LinkeIn release its own version of Stories, so perhaps you brainstorm a topic like Best LinkeIn Stories We’ve Seen’, or ‘LinkeIn, Instagram, or Facebook Stories: Which is Best.

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Have a checklist of blog topic idea criteria. Once you’ve create some blog ideas, you should check and make sure each blog post topic is aligne with your overall blog criteria. If you don’t have blog criteria yet, maybe it’s time to set some standards around USA CFO what each blog topic should cover. For example, with the checklist of criteria Bump’s create, all our blog post ideas nee to provide value to our blog audience. They should also either align with a cluster or lead-gen goal, include non-organic elements such as data or original quotes, be either trend-responsive or evergreen, and have some keyword opportunities. 5. Stay organize.

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